Breakfast Extraordinary!!!


So yes I’m finally putting my love of food to words.  I’m an avid foodie and explorer of cuisines, fabulous mouth watering temptations of all sorts.  Lucky me I live in one of the most exhilarating food hubs in the world.  Between the food trucks that line soma/mission during the week, the taquerias across the east and south bay and exemplary chefs from the finest culinary schools right here in the bay area I’m pretty fortunate.  I’ve had the divine fortune of being able to test, tempt and please the palette in a most exceptional manner.

So here we have the incredible Crab Cake Benedict from (this may shock you) Crepevine.  Yes Crepevine on College Ave in Rock ridge.  This is not the high end, end all to breakfast, but they do one hell of a crab cake Benedict.  Worthy of a write up and major plug.  I think this picture speaks for itself.  Also please note, I’m not a big crab fan, although I’m a water sign in Western astrology and can be a crabby cancer every now then.  Nonetheless I do crab about once a year.  The last time I had crab was on the Mendocino coast a few months back and that was beyond succulent.  It was a crab dip served warm with tortilla chips.  Yummmm!!!

More great eats and raves promised in advance.

Live Powerfully, Love Immensely, Eat Heartily.

Crab Cake Benedict with Cajun Hollandaise – home fries well done please.

Passion Calling


Trepidation is nothing uncommon. We are met with it, faced with it, dread it and make attempts at ignoring it in some form probably daily for some. I’ve come to discover when there is something inside, deeply rooted that is inside there is a sense of fear. It is as if it is almost too comfortable to be true, too heart warming, too divine to be real. We are met with hesitation at our true passions because we are roadblocked by fear. It is through our own inner guidance and continual development of our intuition or higher selves that we can acknowledge our own truth. We are able to acknowledge our true passions once we can truly feel safe with ourselves and that inner voice that is speaking to us always, whispering our deepest truths.

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